blue-gate Here we are already to the end of March. This month has flown by. We have been fairly busy in the store. We have done some interesting things in framing.

I have painted a new oil. It is called “The Blue Gate” and it is from a photo that I took in downtown Chicago several years ago when they had a competition in their gardens along Michigan Avenue. It was so interesting to see. I would love to bring this concept to The Golden Isles someday. It would be fun to come up with a motif for artists to decorate and then landscape people to build gardens around the motif.

The other news in my life this month was winning the LGA club championship at our golf club. I have come close several times before but this time I was able to hang in and win. It was very exciting for me.

I am about to start a wall mural in my grandsons bedroom. He has a jungle theme and I will paint a tree like I did for him before in their other house. I also plan on painting the closet door like an entrance to a stick hut with an animal’s head sticking out of a window. He just needs to decide what bird or animal he wants.

So with March closing down for 2009 and April knocking at the door I look forward to writing articles of Art Reviews of exhibits in the area soon. I think that it will entice people to go to the exhibits and also look at the artwork in a new and different way than they might have otherwise. I hope that I can get this going.