It is hard to believe that we are starting a new year.  2013 just flew by.  So many things happened to keep me busy. We did make a trip to Alaska which was fantastic. What a beautiful place it is. Denali Park was unbelievable!

We also took a great trip to Washington, DC with our grandson, Patrick.  It was fantastic. It was our second trip like this with a grandson and we did much more this time. We learn more each time we go.

I became President of the Board of Glynn Art the end of April and it has been almost a full time job. A lot to do but now we have a new Executive Director so I think that my load will lessen.  Now we can move on to going out to spread the word about the importance of a visual arts center in a community and develop strong programs for everyone.

I have three goals for this year. One is to work harder on developing my artwork. The second is to continue playing golf and work on that chip shot which is so illusive for me on a consistent basis. The third is to try to make my gardens look a little better. Also. Mike and I want to continue to travel as much as we can get away since we both have a fair amount of volunteering we do.

Now for the real reason I wanted to make a posting to my blog. I have just completed a mural in the cafeteria of the new Brunswick High School. I was interested in doing this when Glynn Art was contacted about getting an artist to do this but I was just too busy with upcoming events at Glynn Art. Then, when the artist who was going to do it had to back out, I was given another chance at it.   I was happy to say I was available to do it.

I love doing wall murals above any thing else that I do.  For some reason, I am able to transfer my images to a large scale on the wall. I understand that not everyone can do this. Some artists use a projector to impose the image on the wall so that they can get the scale right. I do not. I just make my drawing – using a grid, then I just start putting it up on the wall. Sometimes, I have to make corrections but with paint that is easy.

My subject was to be a Tuscan Theme. So I worked out an image with a view from a terrace overlooking a lake and the surrounding countryside.
I worked on the mural for 6 days. The main wall was 20 feet by 9 feet.  The one corner wall was another 4 feet. For the final touch, I sponged the wall around the image to make it look older and mottled.

Wall before mural

 The first picture is what the blank wall looked like.  One of my grandsons goes to Brunswick High. So the whole project took on a special meaning to me. Main Wall

    I also like for people to see what creative endeavors can add to an environment.  Life would be so dull without art and creative people!

The photo on the left is the blank wall before I started.  The photos on the right  are the panorama image on the large wall and around the corner to the left is the wall with the window.

Then, there is a shot of the small wall around the right corner.

Window and UrnRight wall and stairway