Society Garlic and Ferns 3

 I have just recently had the opportunity to get back to my printmaking.  When we added my studio to our house, I got my etching press back after three years of loaning it to someone.  When we cl0sed our store, I didn’t have room for it.  But now I have it back.  I hope to get some use out of it.

I have had a busy year spending alot of time volunteering for various local nonprofits but now I think that I can once again devote a bit more time to my art.  I have been teaching art and working or creative things but now I hope to get back to painting and printmaking.

Here is my latest efforts.  I made a series of monotypes with various flower material from my yard. 

I used pastels over the oil based inks to fine tune the images.  I love using the pastel over the inks.  They grab the pastel and give it a rich base color.  These type of monotypes combine my love of gardening and my art.