We attended a framing seminar yesterday sponsored by Larson Juhl.  This seminar was prompted by the sluggish business that everyone is experiencing.  The topic was Trends and Solutions and Guidelines for Great Frame Designs.  It was lead by Greg Perkins a well known personality in the framing business.

Previous to going, I wondered how much there was to hear after 25 years in the business but I knew that there could be new twists that I hadn’t thought of before.  That was definitely the case.  Greg suggested ways to look at our customers and find out what kinds of designs would work for them.  There are alot of differences in the needs of seniors, baby boomers, x & y generations and of course the difference in preferences by men and women.  There are always new ways to see things.

For now I will keep this brief.  I just read  through a twitter connection that sometimes readers get glassy eyed if there is too much info at one time so I’ll continue this later.