Here are some new pieces that I have recently created.

I have enjoyed playing with different fabrics to create images of scenery here in the low country.  I have sewn for years so I have accumulated alot of different kinds of fabrics.  I have also bought some new pieces of fabric thinking that I might quilt them but with so little extra time, I decided that I would “paint with fabric” instead of sew it. 

This year I made a large wall hanging with fabric which I did do some sewing on for a client.  This gave me the idea to use the fabrics that I have to make a collage on stretched canvas.   Since working on designs is what intriques me,  putting different combinations of mediums together is challenging.  These pieces are mounted with wallpaper paste on stretched canvas. The wallpaper paste is inert and non yellowing which I thought would be safe for the fabrics in the long term.   On “The Turtle Crossing”  piece I used a lacey material for the sky and let the underpainting on the canvas show through.  That made an interesting affect.

There are always new and different ways to explore creating art pieces!!!