It has been ages since I last posted a blog.  We went to Hawaii and then we were catching up on things at the store.  Then I think that I got caught up in the summer doldrums.  I just haven’t been able to get myself back to blogging.

It has been a fairly good summer weather wise.  June was terribly hot for 2 weeks but then July was nice.  We went north to visit old friends at the end of July which gave us some cooler weather to enjoy.  But now August is hot and humid which, as we know,  is typical of Coastal Georgia.

Preparing the meal, sm

I have been doing some painting over the summer.  I refurbished an old watercolor that for some reason I never finished.  I gave it alot more darks which always helps considerably.

I am finishing up a pen and ink drawing I did of Crane’s Cottage, one of the millionaires cottages on Jekyll Island.  This is for a young couple who is getting married in October and their reception will be at  this site.

I also did a couple more pen and inks for Chadwick’s Jewelers,  just up the street.  They wanted to put my ink drawings on display around their tree spirit pictures.  They have charms of the tree spirits and images of St. Simons Island.

I have also gotten into working on 2 committees for The Coastal Symphony fundraiser in Feb., one of which is the decorations committee.  We have a great project going with renditions of people which I am excited about.  I also just created a white paper palm tree which could be part of the centerpiece on the tables and I hope they work out because I think they would great with our 1930’s supper club theme.

So I have been very busy this summer, I just haven’t gotten into the mood to write.  People talk about artist’s block when they go to paint but I have run into this with this blog.  I just couldn’t get down to do it.  I guess it is because we have had so many projects at home to work on that my mind has been more on that.  Focus is what makes things happen whether it is work or  play.