Here we are into May already. It has been a busy month. I have done several new paintings but I will wait until we get back from our vacation to upload them.

We have still been slow with the picture framing so I have had more time to paint this month. I worked on several framing projects that I was very happy with and did some repair work and cleaning of canvases which came out well.  I have been trying to work on more figures in my paintings.  I spent many years doing life drawing so I should utilize that more.

I also spent time with my children and their children which was fun. I had a number of days with my granddaughter Brenna who lives in NH and I don’t get to see too often. That was a treat. I also saw my grandsons play baseball which was fun.

I wrote one art review about the Glynn Art Coastal National but it didn’t get into the paper due to lack of room.  I will keep trying and hopefully soon I can get them on the internet. I think that it would be helpful to some people if they get the view of an artist on the work that is being shown.  Sometimes that helps them see things in a painting that they might not notice otherwise.

I have several ideas for new paintings which I hope to start when I get back but I may be so full of the beauty of Hawaii that I will go off on a whole different tack, who knows.