After probably a year, I am ready to start entering new info again. We have just closed down our store here on St. Simons Island. We are getting ready to create a studio for me over our garage here at home. I can’t wait for that. I can get my printing press back and I will have a place to spread out and really get down to some painting and printmaking.  Of course I will save time for golf too!

I have been very busy this past year with some teaching. I have continued to teach at a senior citizens residence. I have only two students there but I am trying to attract more people so it will be worth my time going. Of course I could always have quit but the two people I have are very dear to me and they want to paint very much and it is not a hardship for me to give a few hours a month to guide them in their efforts. I also have started an after-school art club at my grandson’s elementary school. We have about 25 students in the class. They are 8 – 11 years old. We have had 3 teachers over the 12 week period and we all teach different aspects of art. It has been interesting. We are doing it because they lost their art teacher this year due to budget cuts. It has been fun.

I also have just finished a mural for a baby’s room.I am very pleased with it and would love to do more children’s rooms.

I have been asked to give three talks over the next 2 months at The Epworth Center for the Elder Hostel group that meets there. One is for a watercolor class which is the talk and demo I am preparing for now and then there will be an acrylic and then an oil class. I have done this for many years now but preciously only talked about framing but now I can extend into talking about experimental techniques in the various mediums.